Will new compromise change US politics?

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – Analysts here are uncertain of the longer term implications of today’s agreement on the Inaction Reduction Act. It is hoped that the agreement, between Acting President Joblot Munchkin and his own Demonstrative Party after months of negotiations, will result by 2030 in a 40 percent reduction in the public belief that the Congress is incapable of passing anything that doesn’t increase military spending.

Even if that hope proves to be exaggerated, the newfound spirit of cooperation may carry over to other issues, possibly including members of the opposition Retroactive Party. For example, some Demonstratives have in recent weeks raised a proposal to increase the number of judges on the Supine Corpse.

This has been rejected by the leader of the opposition, Senator Muck Muddle, who has declared, “Opposition means opposition. We’re against things. When we’re the government, then we’ll be for things, such as 1850. Onward to it!” But in a new atmosphere, a compromise may be possible. One scenario is that Senator Muddle will agree to enlarge the Corpse on condition that Acting President Munchkin allow Muddle to choose its new members.

Several insiders in the Demonstratives say they see no real obstacles to this or a similar compromise.

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