President details charges against his predecessor

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – “You know what the crime is. It’s obvious even in the FAKE NEWS media which is all of them and they’re covering up the crime.” With these words, President Ronald Dump tweeted his accusations against his predecessor, President Barack Africa.

“It’s the bigliest worstliest crimeliest crime in history,” President Dump went on to declare during a public sneezing with Boy and Girl Scouts in the White House Toad Garden. “It’s Africagate. Why doesn’t the Fake Media report it? It began even before I was elected, even before my first bankruptcy. Being treated like this is worse than being assassinated, ask Abraham Lincoln, you might not know he was a Republican too, just like me.”

“What exactly is the cha …?” a journalist asked before he was accidentally cut off by a 240 pound Boy Scout coughing in his face.

“That’s a nasty question,” President Dump replied. Later, however, he tweeted: “Fake President Africa is guilty of LEGS MAGICALLY.”

Shortly after the President’s tweet became public, Attorney General Willie Wagtail announced that the Department of Justice had decided to charge former President Africa with covfefe.