President delighted by Singapore ‘propaganda victory’

SINGAPORE (Rooters agency) – President Ronald Dump and his officials are reportedly ecstatic at their “propaganda success” in the summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jung-il Jim.

The US officials point to the symbolism of the interspersed US and North Korean flags and the willingness of Kim to be photographed shaking hands with the President. The symbolism was greatly enhanced when the two dictators exchanged autographs on the menu from their joint lunch.

The message to the world, US officials say, is clear: North Korea is willing to deal with the Dump administration as a legitimate negotiating partner, despite the latter’s consistent record of violating agreements, often for no apparent reason other than whim. This is particularly valuable to President Dump following a degree of bad publicity following his 27-second endorsement of the recent G7 communique.

It is less clear how Kim’s generosity would go down with North Korean public opinion, if such a thing were permitted to exist.

One other big unknown is what concessions Kim may have extracted in exchange for his propaganda gift to Dump. Human rights activists have expressed cautious hopes that Kim might request an improvement in US treatment of racial and religious minorities, but not many of them are holding their breath.

It has also been rumored that Kim was angling for Dump to introduce him to Russian President Vladitude Buttinsky.

Several political observers, noting the Kim family’s reported entertainment preferences, have suggested that Kim may have scored an invitation to visit Disneyland. Others think a visit to the White House is more likely. A third option, combining most aspects of the other two, would be a visit to the Dump golf resort, Mainly Loco.