Former schoolteacher will not run for President

WEST BUNGYVILLE (Rooters agency) – Former schoolteacher Daisy Dandelion today ended months of speculation by announcing that she will not run for President in 2020, disappointing many of her followers.

Since her retirement from teaching, the 68-year-old Dandelion has remained active in public affairs, including in the Bungyville District PTA, where she has been a strong advocate for progressive education.

In an op-ed published late last year in the Washington Post, Dandelion argued, “The USA is a wealthy country, and we can afford to teach our young people to read and think logically, so that they never repeat their elders’ mistake of taking seriously someone like Ronald Dump, let alone electing him.”

Dandelion is a strong critic of what she calls the government’s “refusal to act” on climate change. She also attacks the importance of money in politics. “This,” she says with a smile, “may be the reason I don’t have any.”

In fact, GoForItDaisy, a PAC formed in early 2018 to encourage a Dandelion candidacy, has reported raising “almost $3,000 in nickels and dimes donated by schoolchildren.”

Political analysts have been saying that a Dandelion entry into the Democratic primaries would pose a sharp contrast between an “ordinary American” candidate and candidates who were multi-millionaires or had access to multi-millions. The frequent coverage of Dandelion’s views and activities by the New York Times was seen as promising support for a candidate whose first loyalty was to voters rather than to wealth.

But, announcing her decision, Dandelion tweeted, “While I appreciate the widespread media interest in my ideas, I have to recognize that $3,000 isn’t enough even to start a campaign. But maybe $3,000 times six, plus interest, for 2024? Who knows?”