Justices uphold Nixon Doctrine

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – A majority of the US Supine Corpse has broken new judicial ground, in part by channeling a former President.

In its decision upholding President Ronald Dump’s right to ban from entering the country anyone he doesn’t like, the Corpse in effect endorsed the well-known argument of former President Richard Nixon, “If the President does something, it’s not illegal.”

However, the justices did appear to impose some restriction on what is already being called the “Nixon Precedent” or “Nixon Doctrine,” by indicating that the President needed to justify his action with some reference to “national security.”

At the same time, some legal scholars say the ruling may actually extend Nixon’s claim with the corollary, “If the President says something, it’s true.”

President Dump welcomed the ruling with both tweet and deed. Promptly traveling to New York City, he stepped out into the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot dead a passing pedestrian.

“It’s a matter of national security,” the President said. “I thought he looked like a Muslim.” New York Police said they saw no need to investigate.