Cubans decide to end blockade of US

HAVANA (Rooters agency) – After 50 years, Cuba is preparing to end its blockade of the United States.

Despite its being in existence for five decades, most of the world is not even aware of this blockade. But Rooters is now able to reveal the full story.

After the US-sponsored invasion at the Bay of Pigs, Cubans were forced to face an unpleasant reality. Despite all its talk about democracy, peaceful intentions, good will and all the rest, the US government was determined to destroy the Cuban people’s revolution by any means necessary, including military attack.

Cuba could not hope to defeat this threat militarily. More subtle methods were necessary. The Cuban government opted for psychological warfare. It decided to impose a blockade against the United States. With the exception of only occasional visitors, the US would be completely cut off from Cuba.

The Cubans reasoned that the few elements of sanity in US politics were mostly derived from contact with foreign countries, particularly those, like Cuba, which had experienced a recent revolution. If the US was cut off from the liberating intellectual stimulus of the revolution going on next door, the already bizarre political climate there would soon degenerate into total self-devouring lunacy. This, it was hoped, would in turn produce a healthy reaction that would redirect US politics toward at least a semblance of sanity.

Of course, if the Cubans had openly announced their blockade, the US government would probably have responded with an immediate invasion, or perhaps a nuclear attack. So the Cubans cleverly implanted the idea of a US blockade of Cuba in beneficiaries of the old society and then encouraged them to emigrate to the United States, where, predictably, they were listened to by US officials. In this way, the Cuban blockade of the US became, officially, the reverse of reality.

“Ramón,” a Cuban official who agreed to speak only anonymously, said that Cuban strategists have now decided that they made some serious errors. “The basic idea was a good one,” he told Rooters. “Of course the blockade has cost Cuba tens of billions of dollars, but the belief in Washington that it will topple the revolution has helped to forestall an invasion, which would also have cost many billions of dollars and, more importantly, much loss of life. But we misjudged the effect of our blockade on the United States.”

Ramón said that it is now almost universally acknowledged that the first half of the Cuban strategists’ forecast was absolutely spot on: official US politics has degenerated into previously inconceivable lunacy. But the other predicted outcome, of a reaction and turn towards sanity, is almost nowhere to be seen.

Cuban social scientists have been studying the US situation, seeking explanations, but are hampered by their lack of direct access – itself a product of US politicians believing that the blockade was their idea.

The preponderance of Cuban opinion is now to end the blockade, but how to do it is the big question. A difficult problem is how to convince the US government to make the formally necessary decisions. “It’s really hard,” Ramón said. “I’m an atheist, but suppose I’m wrong: if God opened the skies above the United States and had flocks of angels sing out ‘End the blockade of Cuba’, 85 percent of US politicians and 90 percent of US media would declare that the whole thing was a fraud staged by Communo-Islamists.”

In short, the Cubans face the perhaps insoluble task of finding a rational way to end lunacy.

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