President explains sarcasm

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – “Fooled you! Haha! FAKE NEWS LOSERS!” With these tweeted words, President Ronald Dump has turned American politics upside down.

As the President then explained in an exclusive interview with Pox News, he was referring to his 2016 announcement of his candidacy for the Presidency.

I was being sarcastic,” Dump explained. “A big joke. Why would I want to be President? Many people don’t know they check your taxes and things not like free market business. More money in real estate, casinos, bankruptcy, lawsuits.”

You really didn’t want to become President?”, asked interviewer Spawn Hammily.

That was Fake News reported that. It was a joke, I was smiling sarcastic.”

And if you hadn’t been elected, how did you plan to spend your time during these years?”

Professional golfer. Lots of money in golf, I could be champion, challenge Tiger, I think he wasn’t born in America.”