Iran denies civilian casualties in attack in Virginia

TEHRAN (Rooters agency) — The Iranian government today denied the United States claim of “large numbers of civilian casualties” from yesterday’s Iranian air raid on buildings in northern Virginia, which the Iranian Air Force said were “housing confessed terrorists.”

A spokesperson for the Iranian government called Washington’s claim “the kind of obfuscation we have come to expect from the US Christian terrorists.” The area of Virginia struck, he said, was “well known, indeed notorious, as a center of cyber-terrorism,” and the raid had been carried out with “surgical precision.”

The target of the raid, he said, was “the unmistakable source” of the Stuxnet and other viruses that have attacked the Iranian nuclear power industry with the apparent aim of destroying the country’s energy self-sufficiency.

“Washington itself has acknowledged that this sort of cyber-attack is ‘an act of war,’ but it then funds such attacks and allows them to be launched from its territory,” he said. Iran was “exercising its inalienable right of self-defense by striking at the terrorist headquarters.”

The spokesperson did acknowledge the possibility of “accidental minimal collateral damage” in the raid and promised a “swift and impartial investigation” as soon as Iranian military investigators reached the scene.

He declined to answer directly a question as to whether Iran had a hand in four apparent assassinations of US computer research scientists, all of whom were killed in the past year by bombs attached to their laptops. “Allah is merciful,” said the spokesperson, “but if evildoers try His patience too often, He may well respond.”

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