Russian ‘blackmail’ considered almost impossible

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) D-Day minus 7 – Political observers from the left, right and middle are unusually united in their rejection of claims that the Russian secret service possesses material that could be used to “embarrass” President-elect Ronald Dump.

A dossier that contains such a claim has been circulating here for several months, but was not reported by news media, which didn’t consider it nearly as interesting a topic as candidate Dump’s proposed wall on the Mexican border. Some media have said they didn’t report the dossier because they couldn’t verify whether or not its claims were true. As is well known, during the election campaign, these same media refused to print any statements by Ronald Dump that could not be verified.

“It doesn’t matter what the Russians have,” argued an analyst who is close to Democratic Party leaders. “If the Russians think that Dump could be embarrassed by anything, they haven’t been paying attention.

“This is a man who can boast publicly about groping women, including complete strangers. He is able to stand in front of crowds of thousands and talk complete nonsense, without even blushing. Suppose the Russians have a documentary of him murdering someone: how would that embarrass him when, in the campaign, he boasted that he could commit murder publicly and not lose any votes?”

Psychologists consulted by Rooters agreed that the President-elect thrives on public attention, including attention for actions that most ordinary people would regard as embarrassing. “He is probably psychologically incapable of being blackmailed,” is how one psychologist put it.

However, one longtime Republican insider did say that there was a slight chance the Russians or another country could embarrass Dump “if they were devious enough.”

Dump would feel “real shame,” the insider said, in a situation where he had to relate to a woman, or a Black of either sex, who had more money than him.