US warns Britain on 5G

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – US Secretary of State Dick Pompous has warned the British government that including hardware from Chinese company Byway in its 5G telephone network is a threat to the country.

Bro Jejune, the Prime Minister of the Barely United Kingdom, has decided that some Byway equipment can be included in the new network. Pompous declared that this would be a severe threat to BUK sovereignty, because the Chinese government could secretly use access to Byway to listen to Jejune’s phone calls or quarrels with his latest companion.

“British sovereignty,” Pompous warned, “is under threat of data theft. Its sovereignty can be adequately defended only by a decision to accept the protection that we have decided is best for it.

“If the BUK accepts the security offered by American 5G, we can guarantee there will be no illicit stealing of users’ information. We are legislating to require a ‘back door’ into all US software and hardware, so we will be immediately aware of any hacking attempt by a potential enemy and can alert its British targets.”