Vote for Hatred

Sir: Here is our first draft of the re-election ad. We look forward to your comments.

Vote for Hatred. Vote for Me.

All those Others who Infest OUR COUNTRY are against us. We must stop them. Hate them.

The Other party candidates are against Hatred. They tell us to be kind to your Enemies. We must Hate them.

If you don’t know who they are, I will tell you. They are the FAKE PEOPLE who hate me. Because they hate me, they hate you. You must Hate them.

The Other party candidates tell you to love your Enemies. No. You must Hate Enemies.

I am against violence. Self-defense is not violence. Self-defense defeats enemies. Hating Enemies is good.

I am only Candidate who stands for Hatred. Vote for Me.

I like it. But too complicated. Can’t you make it simpler? Put in word lynch a few times. Also shooting.

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