White House: No need to worry about North Korea deal

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – President Donald Trump is reported to have dismissed fears of some Republican politicians that he will strike a bad bargain with North Korean leader Kim Jung-il Jim when the two meet in Singapore.

Republican Senate leader Mulch McCoal is now on record as saying that the President should not be too eager to reach a deal. “If you fall in love with a deal, and it’s too important for you to get it, and the details become less significant, you could get snookered, especially if you’re a demented bully whose main concern is having people praise you on Twitter,” the Senator said.

However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Wannabe Slanders told reporters, “The President took up the matter at this morning’s Cabinet meeting, in response to a question from Jaded Kumquat. The President pointed out that, if an agreement looks bad for the United States, he will just cancel it – especially if the other side has already fulfilled its obligations.

“As the President said, ‘Think of Iran. Think of Libya.’”