President defends boarders

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Mr President:

Below is our proposal for the advertisement, to be placed nationwide:

President defends our boarders

Many people in the past may have felt unsafe when visiting Washington or other cities.

No more!

Since Ronald Dump became President, you can now stay without fear in the middle of Our Nation’s Capital at the Dump International Dump Washington.

Boarders at the Dump International Dump Washington can relax in luxury, secure in the knowledge that the Dump International Dump Washington is protected 24/7 by a regiment of US Marines, three drone squadrons, two battleships, and the fact that all bad dudes have been evicted from America Grate Again (AGA©).

Just think: If Dump International Dump Washington wasn’t safe, why would so many foreign diplomats decide to board there? Why would they pay triple* what they used to pay, if it wasn’t for the security provided by the US Military?

Now you too can share in this security and safety, in AGA© and around the world.

The Dump International Dump Washington will soon be complemented by Dump International Dumps in many cities, not only in AGA© but also in the capitals of many other countries as soon as we get rid of their Islamic Terrorist leaders.

So don’t miss out. Book now, because places are limited and this opportunity could disappear in 2025, or even in 2021 if the lying media rig the 2020 election (if there is one).

Special offer: The first 100 callers to book in the Dump International Dump Washington or a Dump International Dump Coming Soon will receive, free of charge, an academic degree of their choice from Dump University, plus a set of autographed Ronald Dump Steak Knives.

For rates, or to book, contact bookings@usagov.dump. Please include photograph clearly showing skin color.

*Subject to increase without notice.

President Dump Enterprises, making America Grate Again

Looks good, but make it worldwide. Also, needs pix babes in bikinis.