President talks of unexpected problems

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – “I thought bigotry would be easier,” President Ronald Dump confessed, in an exclusive interview with Rooters.

You know, it’s easy. When you’re a candidate you can say it, and it really is sort of like,” the President said. “But I didn’t know being President before I was. It’s not the same. They don’t believe you the same.”

President Dump indicated that he may have overestimated how much of his support in last year’s election was based on his bigotry. He was now considering the possibility that it was other issues that allowed him to win the largest minority ever achieved by a successful Presidential candidate.

When I started and talked about Mexican Muslim rapists and it was big news. Should have been too. Big news. True. But maybe not why they voted not all of them. Maybe mostly danger threat and economy jobs. And Benghazi internet lock her up.”

The President acknowledged that he had been disappointed by the lack of public outrage against the “so-called decision of communist Muslim fake judges” overruling his ban on entry to the United States of citizens of six countries. “I know real Americans don’t want our country flooded by Muslim rapists, so why don’t they beat up a few of those paid demonstrators? I can’t make America great again all by myself.”