Publisher asks to be jailed

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – In a journalistic first – or maybe last – the publisher of a major US newspaper has turned himself in to federal authorities and asked to be prosecuted for articles the paper has published.

The newspaper involved is the influential daily Washington Stump. The articles of concern were based on secret US government information provided to the Stump and three other publications by Edward Snowden.

All four outlets published many of the Snowden documents. But the Stump is the only one of the four that has published an editorial calling for Snowden to be prosecuted for providing the documents to them.

“I agreed with the editorial calling for Snowden to be tried,” said Stump publisher Rynald R. Insider as he extended his hands towards bemused FBI office workers in a gesture suggesting he should be handcuffed. “So if it was illegal for him to give us the stuff, it could hardly be proper for us to give it basically to everyone in the world. I promise to plead guilty.”

Sipping water from a paper cup as he waited for someone with the power to arrest him to arrive, Insider added that he hoped his surrender “provides a good example of selfless patriotism.” He expected that many editors and journalists at the Stump would soon join him in turning themselves in. “Maybe even some of the owners will do it – I’m sure they all must be patriots.”