President claims victory on Mexican wall

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – “See, I told you I could negotiate the best deal ever always,” President Ronald Dump declared today, announcing that the Chinese government has agreed to build the President’s promised wall along the entire border with Mexico.

The President said, and the Chinese Embassy here confirmed, that China has agreed to pay all of the costs involved in the construction. The agreement was negotiated on Twitter.

“I’d have preferred the Mexicans to pay,” the President admitted, “but the main thing is that it won’t cost whites, I mean Americans.”

In response to the question allowed from the reporter pool, as to whether the US would have to give anything in exchange, the President explained, “Nothing really. Just some minor changes in the wall’s location, because of mountains and things like that.”

The agreement, the text of which was later released simultaneously by both governments, says that the wall “will follow, as closely as possible, the border between the United States and Mexico as it was established by the Adams–Onís Treaty of 1819.”

“It’s a great victory for America,” the President declared, “but probably the media will lie about it.”