The President in love

No, probably not at first sight. But maybe yes. Because the first time we met, we hit it off. Person to person.

We knew who each other was before that. It wasn’t love then, you betcha. We were fighting or planning to. So I mean. Not first sight was not then. But we were interesting to each other.

Then when we met. Very bigly. I didn’t know and probably he didn’t know either, before. But then we could both see. Something was there.

We are very like each other. I love him because he is very like me. Because I love me I love him too. And versy vice.

He wrote nice letters. Very nice letters. Very very nice letters. So I knew we were sincere. I couldn’t read his language, but I have good translators. Very very good translators. He does too. I like where he talks about how he deals with people who try to cause trouble.

George Washington. Many people don’t know that George Washington was not a Democrat like Barack Africa and not a Republican too. But he was a President. And I am the first. Washington couldn’t have made friends like this. Washington never tweeted anything. Neither did Barack Africa. What were they hiding? Lock ’em up!