Ecuadorian President seeks new name

QUITO (Rooters agency) – Ecuador’s President Lenin Momento has announced a national competition to choose him a new, more suitable, given name.

After ejecting Julian Assange from his refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, President Momento told reporters, “It’s a clear and important move, but you can never be sure that US President Dump understands anything.

“My name might still give him the wrong impression. Lenin was a very vocal anti-imperialist. So I recognize the need for a change.”

A reporter who tried to ask a question about Vladimir Lenin’s attitude to transparency and corruption was quickly escorted from the press conference, apparently without serious injuries.

Ecuadorian citizens have already begun to respond to the President’s request for suggestions for his new name. Among the early entries, the leaders appear to be Batista, Somoza, and Ivanka.