After shooting, new movement to oppose ‛prejudice’

ST LOUIS (Rooters agency) – A grassroots movement against discrimination has taken off in the aftermath of several weeks of unrest following the police shooting of a suspected human being.

The Non-Racial People’s Alliance for Peace, Justice and Equality has opened a website soliciting donations for “equal justice for our police men and women.”

Dagmar Blinkers, Missouri spokesperson for the NRPAPJE, said that “the media keep reporting facts, which prejudices the public against our police, so they need lots of money to have a chance to defend themselves against unjust accusations”.

“We’ve all read lots of stories about how dead that young man is”, Blinkers pointed out. “But have the media said anything at all about why it was necessary to kill him? No, they haven’t. That’s not fair. It’s not the way we do things in America.”

But she objected to describing the NRPAPJE as a “pro-police” organization. “We are pro-police, but we’re pro-everyone, at least if they’re law abiding. We are in favor of full equality. We support free speech for everyone – both shooters and the shot.”

Blinkers said that many people joined the organization in response to reports of looting. “We can understand relatives being upset and all that about the death. But then to go and damage or steal property – and some of the looters weren’t even relatives. What does that say about some people’s priorities, I ask you.”

She denied that the composition of the local police force betrays a racial bias. “It’s not based on race at all. To join the police, you have to be law abiding and intelligent, and it just turns out that most of the police are white.

“If I tried to explain that, someone in the media would accuse me of being a racist. You see what we’re up against? The only thing still protecting us from being overrun by special privilege looters is Bearcats.”

If the NRPAPJE website proves as popular as its creators hope, their next step might be a public meeting to launch an ongoing campaign. Blinkers denied “categorically, whatever that means,” that she has a financial interest in a firm producing bedsheets.

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