Obstacle to North Korean deal explained

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – A White House insider has suggested a plausible reason for the lack of a more rapid and smoother development of President Ronald Dump’s relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jung-il Jim.

The insider, who demanded anonymity for fear of having his security clearance canceled, said that Dump is, “I hate to say it, but frankly, jealous” of Kim.

The alleged reason for this jealousy is that Kim, unlike Dump, was put into office “with a larger vote than all the other candidates.”

However, possible ways of overcoming this difficulty are under consideration. The US Chief Colonial Secretary, Dick Pompous, is reported to be close to an agreement with the North Koreans.

This would involve Kim standing for office in a new election, which would involve one or more other candidates. One other candidate would receive more votes than Kim, and Kim would then be declared the winner.

The only remaining minor area of disagreement is that Dump says he isn’t yet able to match Kim in the next step required by the North Koreans, “but I’m working on it.” This is that Kim would then have the other candidate(s) executed.