Clement launches first campaign ad

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – Hermione N. Clement, the leading candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, yesterday launched the first television ad of her campaign.

The 60-second ad, which seems much longer,* is titled “Vote for Mom.” It speaks of the fight against adversity of Clement’s mother, Dorothy Nobomama, who was abandoned and mistreated by almost everybody but nevertheless managed to give birth to and raise a daughter who is drawing a very long bow from that history which she hopes will launch her into the presidency.

Referring to her mother, Clement says, “I think about all the Nobomamas all over America who fight for their families, who never give up.

“That’s why I’ve always been running for president. For all the Nobomamas. Vote for them, for my Mom and your Mom. Unfortunately, they’re mostly dead or aren’t on the ballot, but voting for me is pretty much the same thing.”

In a statement accompanying the release of the ad, campaign manager Bubby Brook said, “We want everyone to know who Hermione N. Clement really is – what has motivated her lifelong commitment to whatever it is at the moment.”

Brook’s statement reflects the campaign’s concern that the public doesn’t know the “real” Hermione, but only the one who did all the things she has done.

“Mom was a fighter her entire life,” Clement says in the ad. “No one had a bigger influence in convincing me that I should try something easier, like politics.”


* Credit is due to the ad agency, but it modestly asked not to be named.

† Not including Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.