World’s governments rally to promote democracy in US

NEW YORK (Rooters agency) – In an unprecedented act of international cooperation initiated by the United Nations, several dozen governments from all over the world this week passed legislation committing a total of tens of millions of dollars for democracy promotion in the United States.

These various national appropriations are a response to last month’s resolution of the UN General Assembly, which passed with only three votes against: the United States, Israel, and Lower Eastern Omaha (the last an unrecognized Tea Party secession from the US, which managed to get a representative into the General Assembly through a legal technicality or because guards weren’t properly checking credentials).

The GA resolution briefly cited notorious anti-democratic practices in the US, including systemic racial and gender oppression, rigged Congressional elections in which a minority party obtains a majority of seats, unrestrained police brutality, frequent executions (especially of minorities), jailing of children, excessive per capita production of greenhouse gases, the prohibition of the counting of some votes in presidential elections, persecution of refugees, frequent military aggression, wholesale transfer of public infrastructure and resources into private hands, widespread bribery and corruption in the guise of “political contributions”, the enslaving through debt of a generation of students, and others.

The resolution concluded by calling on UN member states to take all possible peaceful measures “to assist and encourage the beginnings of democracy in the United States through interaction with democratic political forces and civil society.”

While the specifics of the legislation vary from country to country, most of the funding will be directed to US non-government organizations and democracy activists who are often at loggerheads with the government in Washington and/or state governments.

However, creating a democratic opposition will be a long and difficult road. After decades of a combination of repression and co-optation, there are few if any democratic political forces in the US with any influence. Supposedly “civil society” organizations consist mostly of private militias devoted to shooting people who have a darker skin color than the militia member.

A smaller part of the democracy promotion funds will be spent on programs to train US officials in the fundamentals of democracy, although a UN official who asked not to be identified described such programs as “pipe dreams”.

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