Insider on Democratic dilemma of many candidates

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – As the number of announced candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination continues to rise exponentially, the Democratic Nomination Controller (DNC) is working overtime to find a formula for conducting candidate debates.

The number of candidates is a real problem. As one DNC insider pointed out, “If there are only a few candidates, you just put them all in the same debate and then leak the questions to the one you want. But if there are 67 candidates and the debate is only an hour, they get less than a minute each, and how do you make your ‘Hillary’ stand out in a situation like that?”

The insider’s example of 67 candidates may underestimate the difficulty. According to some reports, the number of candidates may soon exceed the number of registered Democratic voters in smaller states.

As the DNC insider points out, it appears that the main motivation causing politicians (from school board member upward) to throw their hats into the ring is their belief that they could beat President Ronald Dump. “But 60% of the US population think they could do that without trying, and 75 to 80% think they could do it if trying was allowed.

“If even a tiny fraction of that 60% decide to compete, you’ll have hundreds of thousands, even millions, of candidates in every primary. How can we be expected to rig that?”

And even bigger questions are posed, according to the insider: “If that many people thought they could do what politicians can (but almost never) do, and decided to just do it themselves, we might end up with no primaries – or even elections – at all.”