Unanimous result in US mid-term elections

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – As foreseen in public opinion polls, Dollars swept the US mid-term elections. Across the country, winning candidates everywhere were backed by Dollars.

In the US House of Representatives, all 435 winning candidates had substantial backing by Dollars. The same was true in all of the Senate races.

In the 36 states that held elections for governor, the result was the same: Dollars supported every successful candidate.

Analysts pointed out that the result was largely predetermined, since Dollars gave support to almost every candidate in every race. However, in many instances, the strength of Dollars’ support varied considerably among the candidates, and it appears that the candidate with the greatest backing from Dollars was usually successful against those with less backing.

Rooters sought to question Dollars on the criteria used to decide the degree of support for different candidates. However, a Dollars spokesaccount declined to be interviewed, saying: “The Supreme Court has protected our Constitutional rights. We don’t have to answer to anyone.”

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