President rallies to defend Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The Administration of President Ronald Dump is giving its full support to Saudi Arabia following the drone attacks that left several of the family’s oil refineries in flames.

In response to the attack, the Saud Crown Prince, Big Brother Muckup Bent Salamander, warned that it posed “a dangerous threat to the ability of sovereign families to dismember their underlings and to bomb defenseless civilians in neighboring territories.”

The Prince also said that it was “unmistakably clear that Iran was behind the attack. The evidence for this will be presented by our investigators just as soon as they finish proving that the unpleasantness in our Istanbul consulate was nothing but an unfortunate misunderstanding, for which we have executed all of the culprits below the rank of second cousin.”

Here, President Dump tweeted that he had had a great time during his 2017 visit to Riyadh and that the Sauds “are yuge friends of Great America, not like the FAKE NEWS Dems who want to let Muslim Mexican rapists burn our oil.”

The President added that he was eager to bomb anyone or anything suggested by Bent Salamander, but actual fireworks would have to wait until he had found a replacement for Hawk Incitatus, his recently fired National Somnambulist Advisor, so there would be somebody he could blame if things went wrong.