President planning further changes to Constitution

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – Following his issuing of an Executive Order canceling the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, President Ronald Dump has indicated his intention to change or cancel several other Constitutional provisions.

Top of the list, the President said, is the First Amendment, which “isn’t up to the modern world.” The requirement for “freedom of the press” will therefore be modified to “freedom of the non-fake-news press.”

The Eighth Amendment is likely to be abolished entirely. As White House press secretary Sarah Wannabe Slanders explained, “It prohibits ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’ Some liberal lawyers say this means the President isn’t allowed to torture terrorists or kill their children. But the President was elected after promising to do both those things, so clearly the Eighth Amendment violates democracy.”

The Sixteenth Amendment (permitting an income tax), President Dump argued in a recent tweet, “allows the government to steal your money and my money, and then fake news media and Dems demand to know how much I paid. None of their business. END IT ALL.”

According to the President, there are problems, not only with many amendments, but also with the original articles of the Constitution. In Article 2, for example, the word “president” needs to be changed to “king,” and “vice president” to “anointed successor.”

He also sees no need for Article 1, “which talks about Congress. No need just duplication. They just do what I say anyway.”

It is expected that the Executive Orders making these changes will be tweeted in the next few days.