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Why US tech company cut supply to China

LOWMIND PARK, CA (Rooters agency) – The US technology giant Gobble has announced that it will cease providing crucial update information to one of its customers, the Chinese telecoms company Hayway Technologies. Hayway’s phones use Gobble’s operating system Ambiguous. Updates … Continue reading

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London aligns with US on Iranian threat

LONDON (Rooters agency) – The government of the Barely United Kingdom has quickly realigned itself with the US administration of Ronald Dump over what the latter regards as an “increased Iranian threat.” Earlier in the week, the US and the … Continue reading

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Insider on Democratic dilemma of many candidates

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – As the number of announced candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination continues to rise exponentially, the Democratic Nomination Controller (DNC) is working overtime to find a formula for conducting candidate debates. The number of candidates is … Continue reading

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Notre Dame fire sparks market rally

ROME (Rooters agency) – The indulgences market is experiencing a record boom as the business world reacts to the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. At present, the proceeds of all indulgence sales are being dedicated to the … Continue reading

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Ecuadorian President seeks new name

QUITO (Rooters agency) – Ecuador’s President Lenin Momento has announced a national competition to choose him a new, more suitable, given name. After ejecting Julian Assange from his refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy in London, President Momento told reporters, “It’s … Continue reading

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Government uncertain about Ukraine President

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The State Department and other departments of the US government are scrambling to decide how to cope with the likelihood that the Ukraine is about to elect a comedian as its President. “If he says something, … Continue reading

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Government blocks trials of military

ROME, 40 AD (Rooters agency) – The Imperial Government has announced sanctions against judges, prosecutors, or any other judicial officials who presume to bring to trial, or even investigate, members of the Imperial Armed Forces (IAF) alleged to have violated … Continue reading

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