Don’t ask me for details, because I don’t understand them, but a twist or a hiccup in the space-time continuum has resulted in news dispatches and other documents from somewhere and somewhen mysteriously arriving on my computer. They sometimes refer to known places, but they seldom include dates (this may have something to do with time being relative, as Einstein told us). However, although the place names may be familiar, the descriptions of them do not always correspond to what we know about these places. This raises the possibility that the documents may not originate here, but in some parallel – or perhaps tangential – universe.

I have decided to publish these mysterious items here, not only as a curiosity but also to contribute to future interuniversal harmony just in case these now limited interchanges should increase. If there is anything in them you don’t like, please don’t complain to me: complain to the source, wherever and whenever that is. And remember that the other universe, if that’s what it is, may be receiving things from us that it finds equally disturbing.

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