Verily credible

Yes, verily credible. A fight. Because he was a fake news journalist. And a cover-up for Bezos Amazon cheating the Post Office.

So when he went into the consultant and saw these guys who didn’t like his fake news, he got angry. Because all of them disagreed with him, 15 out of 15. No one agreed with him about Amazon. Or anything.

So he was an angry enemy of the people and body slammed them all. They had to defend themselves. Self-defense. Everyone’s right to self-defense. Cut off his fingers because he might have pulled out a gun and shot them all. They couldn’t know if he had a gun. Or a bomb or something. And teach him not to start fights.

So an accident really. And his own fault. So they got scared people might blame them, and they hid the body. And they said he had left the consultant, which also was credible. People do come in and then they leave. And he wasn’t there any more. There was an investigation, and they couldn’t find him. No bits at all. Verily credible.

His own fault really. If he hadn’t gone there and started a fight, he’d be okay. Why didn’t he just write fake news about them if he was angry?

But also partly blame on that General. CIA picked him out, no problem. General Ahmed al-Falguy. We told the son of the King, the Big Brother, Muckup Bent Salamander. We told him: that’s the guy, that General. He should have restrained those 15 other guys. When he heard they were going to Instantbul to protect the consultant, he should have told them: Don’t be provoked, turn the other cheek, like in the Bible.

So there will be consequences. I said there will be severe consequences. And there will be. Al-Falguy could be demoted to Colonel. What more does the fake media want?