After exposure of QAnon

(Rooters agency analysis) – In a blow from which the Internet may never recover (but probably will, even quickly), last week the notorious figure QAnon, who had legions of followers of his exposure of an international child sex trafficking ring (ICSTR) controlled by Hermione N. Clement, was destroyed by ZAnon.

ZAnon, for those of you who are out of touch with the real world, is the “highly knowledgeable and influential insider in galactic councils” who first pointed out that QAnon was not born in America and was therefore not to be trusted to tell you the time of day, let alone where to find your local neighborhood sex trafficker. Indeed, as ZAnon also stressed, there was “no evidence” that QAnon was even born on Earth.

QAnon’s refusal to provide his/her/its birth certificate for public inspection settled the matter. As ZAnon explained, QAnon was actually an agent of the ICSTR.

(In the aftermath of ZAnon’s disclosure, 37 alleged QAnons have so far been fatally shot, decapitated, burned, or disemboweled by disillusioned followers in various locations across the United States. ZAnon has not yet responded to Rooters’ request for comment on these events.)

ZAnon charged that the “QAnon fraud” was a ploy to prevent the exposure of the real ICSTR controller. The real culprits, ZAnon said, will be revealed “prior to the political parties’ convention nominations of their presidential candidates.”

For those who can’t wait to find out, ZAnon is providing a website that will contain clues between now and next year’s political conventions. Access to the website is open to anyone who pays the subscription fee.