‛No more delays’ on chemical weapons: Bombing raid destroys Pentagon

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – As relief workers, many wearing gas masks, picked through the ruins of the Pentagon, Coalition of the Fed-Up governments congratulated themselves and each other on the destruction of what was until yesterday the center of US military power.

A spokesperson for the CFU said that the world had had enough of US delays on compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. “This is not a game,” the spokesperson said. “The US government promised the world that it would destroy all of its chemical weapons by last year. It has not done so, and now it is talking about taking another 10 years to do it. The world has had enough of this stalling.”

The CFU spokesperson said that the Coalition’s membership had expanded from 111 to 117 governments in the 24 hours since its drones, reportedly launched from submarines in the mid-Atlantic, swooped in undetected and dropped their payloads on the Pentagon.

“We regret any loss of life in the raid,” the spokesperson said, “but we are confident that any such loss is much smaller than the potential loss of life from the chemical weapons that the US government has continued to stockpile in contradiction of its treaty commitments and public pronouncements.

“We hope the Washington authorities will now realize that the Chemical Weapons Convention applies to every country that signs it, and will therefore start to observe it in every respect.”

The spokesperson added that the CFU had “not placed any limits” on what further action it might take to force Washington “to proceed immediately to destroy the chemical weapon stockpiles it has been hoarding in violation of its commitments.”

In the aftermath of the raid, the Israeli government has reportedly told the CFU that it is willing to follow Syria in its recent decision to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, provided only that “inspections are not overly intrusive.”

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