White House economist on way out?

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – Heads – and tongues – are wagging in the nation’s capital regarding the President’s top economic advisor: “Did he really say that?” “It’s unheard of!” “What could he have been thinking?”

After the faux pas committed by Popeye Nobetter, whose official title is Director of the White House’s No Trade Council, it is widely expected that Nobetter’s days are numbered, probably in single digits.

Nobetter first caught public attention following President Ronald Dump’s conquest of the G7 in Ottawa. The economist’s abuse of Canadian Prime Minister Justly Trueheart, which he said reflected the views, if not the precise words, of President Ronald Dump, was widely applauded in the US, from Dogpatch to Backwater.

And then, for unknown reasons, Nobetter apologized.

The entire Administration almost came to a complete, shuddering, stop. “Apologize?!” spluttered more than a few high officials. “This Administration has never apologized for anything – that would suggest we had done something wrong!”

President Dump himself tried to limit the damage, firing off several tweets against Trueheart which made it clear that he had no connection with Nobetter’s apology.

But the harm had been done. The President’s plan for an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for an apology-free Administration had been ruined. Clearly, Nobetter will have to pay the price of his mistake.

But maybe, as a White House insider has hinted, things can be salvaged once Nobetter is gone if the President declares that the apology was fake news.