Washington awaits French President

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The White House confirmed today that French President Imminent Macro has been invited to make a state visit to the United States.

President Ronald Dump issued the invitation, according to Rooters’ sources, after being alerted to the fact that he was the first President since Calvin Coolidge to go through his first year in office without finding some foreign leader to invite for a state visit.

Coolidge’s reluctance to issue such an invitation was probably due to the idea that diplomatic festivities were inappropriate so soon after Coolidge succeeded to the Presidency following the death of President Warren Somebody.

Presidential press secretary Sarah Wannabe Slanders last week denied reports that President Dump’s apparent slowness in issuing an invitation to the head of a major power was due to his waiting for a response to the invitation he had extended to the President of the Virgin Islands.

It is expected that the visit will include a state dinner, which will be held in the Washington hotel Dump’s Dump, rather than the White House, because the White House chef “doesn’t know how to make McDonald’s-style hamburgers,” Slanders explained.

However, the highlight of the visit is expected to be an arm-wrestling competition between the two Presidents.