Could you be President?

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – So you want to be President? Well, why not?! It has often been said that in the United States, anyone can grow up to be President, and the current campaign makes it clear that growing up is not really a prerequisite.

But there are requirements, both legal obligations and political realities. So if you’re thinking about throwing your hat into the ring,* this quiz will help you decide whether you have what it takes.

1. Citizenship. I was born:

a. in God’s country

b. in the United States

c. in a log cabin

d. in a manger

e. all of the above

2. Experience. I have the following experience:

a. eating with a silver spoon since the day I was born

b. heading businesses or governments in which I fired people

c. heading businesses or governments in which I executed people

d. appearing in so many film/TV productions that I forget what reality looks like

e. all of the above

3. Foreign policy. Other countries should be:

a. not allowed

b. friendly and subservient

c. looted

d. bombed

e. all of the above

4. Social policy. Poor people:

a. you have always with you

b. should be ashamed

c. should not be

d. should be slaves

e. all of the above

5. Taxation. Except for taxes on common consumption items, taxes are:

a. too high

b. much too high

c. much, much too high

d. the work of the Devil

e. all of the above

6. Economic policy. Wages are:

a. too high

b. much too high

c. unnecessary

d. the work of the Devil

e. all of the above

7. Law and order. Unarmed people shot by police should:

a. be ashamed

b. be buried quietly

c. have their heads placed on a pike in a public place as a warning to others

d. This is a silly question because it never happens

e. all of the above

8. Historical knowledge. The Constitution was written by:

a. God

b. Moses

c. Jesus

d. George Washington

e. all of the above

9. Constitutional issues. If there is a conflict between the Bible and the Constitution:

a. The Bible should prevail.

b. The Constitution should be amended to remove the conflict.

c. Let’s kill all the lawyers.

d. Aren’t they the same document?

e. All of the above.

10. Overall political outlook. My views are generally:

a. antediluvian

b. mid-Devonian

c. changeable if the reward is right

d. What does “antediluvian” mean?

e. All of the above

Scoring: For each answer, give yourself as many points as you think you deserve, or can get away with claiming: we’re only the media, and what do we (or the voters) know? If you answered “e” to all questions, please send us your name, because we want to bet on you.


* What an old-fashioned metaphor that is! How about “throwing your tweet into the twitterdom”?