Administration mulls new name for health care policy

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The President Dump administration, already known for internal divisions, has a new controversy putting its members at odds with each other. This is what to call the system that will replace the previous administration’s Affordable Health Care Act.

The AHCA was almost universally known as “Obamacare,” so there is a natural inclination of the public and the media to call President Dump’s replacement “Dumpcare.”

However, the President is reported to be opposed to this name. Presidential Press Secretary Evan Spicier confirmed this, saying, “The President is known for his personal modesty. That is why he only allows his name to be attached to things – hotels, casinos, Chinese escort agencies and so on – if he is paid for it. And he doesn’t think it would be appropriate for the government to pay him more than his official salary.

But if Congress insists, then of course he is open to negotiation.”

But some influential figures in the administration are trying to change the President’s mind about this. For instance, Presidential Counselor Kelly Anna Conda has argued that Dumpcare is “much catchier than Alternativecare.”

Another possibility is reportedly being backed by Blazes Banshee, the Chief Rasputin. According to Rooters’ sources, Banshee has argued, “Let’s just rub everyone’s nose in what we’re doing. Why don’t we just call it Don’tcare?”