Experts back President’s warning on Russia investigations

ANALYSIS (Rooters agency) – International observers and US political analysts are generally agreed with President Ronald Dump’s warning that investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US election could lead to war, costing “millions and millions of lives.”

Professor Henry Dewmuch, who holds the Chair of Profundity at the University of South Anglia, spoke for many of the experts contacted by Rooters when he said, “It is well known that US Presidents have often engaged in foreign adventures in order to deflect attention from domestic political problems. So if President Dump feels threatened by the investigation, it is quite possible that he could try to distract public opinion by launching a war with whomever.”

The experts Rooters interviewed were less united on the likely target of such a war. But most agreed that Russia was likely to be spared, at least in the first round, after Dump’s recent remark that “I really believe it when Vlad [Russian President Vladitude Buttinsky] tells me something, because I’m a shrewd negotiator, and why would Vlad lie?”

Professor Dewmuch and many of his colleagues also thought it unlikely that President Dump would choose to launch a war with China, at least while he was visiting that country. He might be restrained also by the recognition that overcoming the US trade deficit with China would require selling things to the Chinese, who couldn’t buy much if they were dead.

The prevailing consensus of the experts was that those most threatened by the investigations are small countries, especially those that lack the means to retaliate, and doubly especially those whose people are majority Muslim.