Mexico to study role in US refugee disaster

MEXICO CITY, 2 August 2030 (Rooters Agency) – The government of President Gómez will be establishing a commission to conduct a wide-ranging investigation into any failures or oversights on the Mexican side that may have contributed to the recent massive loss of life by North American refugees fleeing the colossal volcanic explosion and lava flow that wiped out large parts of the south-central United States.

As is well known, tens of thousands of ordinary residents of northern Mexico rushed to join police and military units that were helping the fleeing US refugees to swim, float or paddle makeshift rafts across the Rio Grande.

But along the land border, the Dump Border Wall, built early in President Ronald Dump’s third administration, proved too great an obstacle; thousands of the refugees perished, their bodies jammed up against the Wall, or as they fled east or west, vainly seeking a route around the Wall.

The Mexican relief agencies and authorities who tried to dismantle the Wall or open a passage through it had to retreat as they were fired on by the US agency ICE (Instant Cruelty Enforcement).

Nevertheless, President Gómez’s advisors have made it clear that the investigation will deal only with Mexican agencies, and will not consider the actions of any US authorities. While this restriction may make it difficult to consider all the factors in what went wrong, it is considered diplomatically necessary after President Dump, speaking from the 16th green of the golf course at his Florida resort Mainly Loco, denounced reports of the eruption as “fake news.”