President acts to block terror tourists

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – President Ronald Dump today announced “very very necessary” measures to counter “the threat of radical Christian terrorism.”

The President was acting in response to a terrorist attack in the Barely United Kingdom in which a Christian terrorist deliberately drove a van onto a crowded sidewalk, striking numerous innocent civilians, at least one of whom died at the scene.

“It’s shocking,” President Dump declared at a signing ceremony in the Elliptical Office. “Shocking. Young people. Old people. Shocking terrorism. Very very necessary do something. Do. Me.”

The President was signing a new Executive Order intended to stop potential terrorists from entering the country. The order is directed against visitors from not only the BUK, but also France, Germany, Norway, and a number of other European countries whose population is majority Christian.

A White House insider who spoke on condition of anonymity said that President Dump has been increasingly concerned about radical Christian terrorism since several years ago, when he saw a TV program about Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist who in 2011 used bombs and firearms to kill 77 people. Breivik had joined a Christian church in Norway at the age of 15, but there is no clear narrative of how he became radicalized.

Rooters asked White House Press Secretary Evan Spicier if the President was concerned about the possibility of the courts blocking his latest travel ban. Spicier, all of whose remarks are now officially off the record, replied, “It’s not a travel ban. All it says is that, at the border, we’re going to do extreme vetting. And to anyone from these countries who is extremely vetted, we’re going to say, ‘No, you can’t come in.’”