Airline announces travel breakthrough

Gargoyle Gargantua Airlines is pleased and proud to announce a major new innovation that will revolutionize and improve the comfort of the travel experience for travelers.

Beginning next month, GGA will incorporate the latest new major technical advances in ICT technology into the booking process, giving airline passenger stakeholders a very unique, efficient and individualized booking experience.

Until now, intending passengers have been able to book their trip online and print out their ticket at home, avoiding the time-consuming and expensive process of obtaining a printed ticket from the airline. GGA is proud to be the first of the world’s airlines to take the online booking process into a new stage of onward development.

Under GGA’s revolutionary new SeatShape program, after making their booking and selecting their seat location, passengers will be able to use GGA’s online menu and their own 3D printer at home to print their own individualized comfortable seats for their flight. Just print your seat and bring it with you to the airport, and watch our efficient cabin crew clip it into place.

SeatShape will not only allow passengers to choose the color and fabric of their seat but also to shape it to meet their individual personal needs. Passengers who are taller, shorter, wider or narrower than the average passenger, will be able to print a seat that fits their body* rather than trying to fit their body into an average seat.

Don’t yet have a 3D home printer? Or don’t want to carry your seat to the airport? No problem! Gargoyle Gargantua, for a slight additional charge, will print your desired seat to your specifications and have it installed in its place before you board.

SeatShape reinforces and strengthens our slogan: All the way with GGA if you know what’s good for you!


1. Seats created under the SeatShape option are not transferable and may not be reusable on other GGA flights.

2. Passengers who do not print their own seat or choose a seat to be printed by GGA will be deemed to have instructed GGA to print a standard seat for them, at the same price as a customized seat.

3. Passengers whose printed seat exceeds the allotted space for their chosen class of travel may be moved to a higher class of travel and charged the corresponding additional fare.


* within space limitations of the chosen class of travel.

currently being negotiated with regulatory authorities.