Controversy over President’s White House proposal

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) May 3 – There has been a mixed reaction to President Ronald Dump’s proposal to sell the White House at public auction.

Some opponents of the idea have disputed the President’s claim that US taxpayers would save overall from a sale of the White House and the housing of the current and future Presidents in rental accommodation. They point out that there is no guarantee that the presidentially owned hotel, Dump’s Dump, will in the future offer the same discounted room rate it is offering to President Dump and his family.

However, the President sought to dispel such concerns by tweeting, “Hopeless communist muslim terrorist losers. Jail ’em all.”

Presidential press secretary Evan Spicier explained that the tweet was an expression of the President’s confidence in the American anti-Chinese free market system, under which entrepreneurs would seize the opportunity to build scores, or even tens, of rental properties on Pennsylvania Avenue and compete to provide Presidential accommodation. Construction of these properties would make a major contribution to the President’s plan to create “a whole big lot” of new jobs, and if Congress tried to block this job creation program, that was one more reason to shut it down.

Other critics have emphasized tradition rather than finances. They say that the President, as required by the Constitution, has always lived in the White House, except when the British were burning it. If the President were to move out now, wouldn’t that make many Americans fear that the British monarchy was returning?

President Dump has replied that “the limeys wouldn’t dare, or I’d close my golf courses.”

And if the President were to live in a rented apartment, would foreign kings and presidents feel properly honored if their state dinner with the President took place around a crowded kitchen table, maybe in a timeshare apartment?

Look,” the President replied, “if they’re fussy about things like that, we can go to McDumpsters – great burgers. Anyway, it’s up to them – because, if foreigners come here to talk to me, they have to pay for their own keep. I’m already giving them a 5% discount on accommodation at Dump’s Dump. I’m not going to ask American taxpayers to kick in for meals for these foreigners – and anyway, breakfast is included in the room rate.”

Congressional supporters of the President’s plan point out that it would have the further advantage of ending “talk about a maniac in the White House.”

Spicier indicated that the criticisms have not dented President Dump’s enthusiasm. The President,” he said, “is so confident of the business sense of this idea that he has already instructed his children to ensure they put in a bid for the location.”