London aligns with US on Iranian threat

LONDON (Rooters agency) – The government of the Barely United Kingdom has quickly realigned itself with the US administration of Ronald Dump over what the latter regards as an “increased Iranian threat.”

Earlier in the week, the US and the BUK views appeared to diverge when a top BUK general replied to reporters’ questions by saying, “What threat? We’re bigger than them, and they know it.”

However, today Foreign Secretary Jeremy Blunt said the two countries were in total agreement. “We share 100% the US analysis of the increased Iranian threat, and as soon as Washington tells us what that analysis consists of, we will be instituting measures to counter the threat.”

Rooters reporters addressed the US Embassy here with the question whether the Iranian threat included sending an aircraft carrier to the coast of Florida and establishing military bases in Mexico or the Bahamas. An Embassy spokesperson replied, “We haven’t heard anything yet from Washington about that. However, it seems highly likely that the armies of illegal migrants invading across our southern border include large numbers of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.”