Gun supporters call for reduction in mass shootings

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – The United States’ leading advocate of gun rights has proposed what it calls “a sensible way to reduce mass shootings in our country.”

Barry Bogus III, president of the National Weapons Association, outlined the idea to an NWA meeting celebrating the 1945 Dresden bombing, “an outstanding example of good guys with weapons stopping bad guys with weapons.”

“The enemies of freedom try to intimidate the silent majority by talking about more than 200 mass shootings in America this year,” Bogus said. “What most Americans don’t realize is that this is fake news, a gross exaggeration.”

Mass shootings, Bogus pointed out, are defined as incidents in which four or more people are killed or wounded. “That’s ridiculous,” the NWA president declared. “In Dresden, the good guys wiped out 25,000 or so bad guys (and their dependents, who would have grown up to be bad guys). That’s a mass. But four? Sorry, bleeding hearts, but four is trivial.”

What’s needed, Bogus continued, is federal legislation to define “mass shooting” as “an incident involving the shooting death or wounding of at least 100 people who, it can be shown conclusively, were not an immediate and present threat to the physical or mental security of the shooter.

“Even 100 dead is a pretty small ‘mass.’ But it would still be a major step toward reducing the exaggerated number of so-called mass shootings.”

Senator Texas Crude, who attended the NWA gathering to promote his idea of mandatory bullet-proof doors on kindergartens, said he would introduce a bill to support the NWA proposal.

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