Food chain condemned for aiding Russia

NEW YORK (Rooters agency) – There has been widespread, mostly hostile, reaction in the US and Europe to the decision of Muckburgers to end its operations in Russia. Supporters of Ukraine against the invasion launched by Russian President Vladitude Buttinsky have nearly unanimously criticized the chain’s move as providing Buttinsky a “big victory.”

“It’s true this move will have an immediate negative impact on the Russian sugar industry,” said one economist, who requested anonymity to avoid the embarrassment of yet again being proved wrong by events. “But it will quickly improve the quality of life of many Russians. And over a fairly short time period, it should improve the general level of public health, thus reducing the demand on hospitals and opening bed space for soldiers wounded in the special military operation in Ukraine.”

The impact could be multiplied if Muckburgers’ action is imitated by other American chains. It has been reported that a withdrawal from Russia is also being considered by GFC (Grossly Fat Cooking) and Bushstarvers coffee chains.

A US general who would give only an indication of his views, and that anonymously, because he wanted “to save the best” for planned testimony to a Congressional committee, said, “All together, moves like that could give Russia a population with the strength to overrun Europe.”

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