Some guidance on terminology: Better safe than sorry

(As has been reported, the Russian government has banned use of the term “war” to describe its conflict with Ukraine. Although there are no reliable reports of this edict being further extended, there are clearly many Russians aware of a possible extension. Rooters agency has recently come into possession of a memorandum being circulated within the Russian bureaucracy and within much of the media which suggests caution in this regard. We cannot name the government department which produced the memo without revealing our source. The translation below is by Rooters.)

* * *

Some guidance on terminology

While media in the West are ridiculing President Vladitude Buttinsky’s precise and scientific description of our “special military operation” to free the people of Ukraine from their oppression by terrorists and fascists, patriots will of course follow the President’s wise advice.

At the same time, some patriots have raised the question of whether it would be wise to use the term “special military operation” to refer as well to some other historical or future conflicts.

Of course, we cannot predict the best course for future actions, except to say that “better safe than sorry” always applies. In regard to past events, we would suggest adopting the following usages:

1905 naval conflict in East Asia: “special military (or naval) operation – Japan”.

1914-18 widespread conflict: “world special military operation I”

1939-45 widespread conflict: “world special military operation II”

Within world special military operation II, the most important battles and campaigns arose as a consequence of the German invasion of Russia, which was code-named by the Hitlerites as “Operation Barbarossa.” While this fact is a further justification of our President’s terminology in regard to Ukraine, it could conceivably be misunderstood by some people. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid mentioning “special military operation Barbarossa” and Ukraine in the same document.

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