Allies respond to criticism on Ukraine

BRUSSELS (Rooters agency) – The Western military alliance NETO (Nearly Everywhere Treaty Organization) has forcefully rejected claims that it is not doing enough in regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking to journalists here, Jan Stutterstop, secretary-general of NETO, said it is “simply untrue” that the alliance “is not doing enough in regard to war in Ukraine. Were it not for NETO,” he said, “this war would have been almost impossible.”

“In many respects, we were the pioneers of modern invasions of small countries,” Stutterstop declared. “People think that only America carries out unilateral military interventions, but we are involved in many of them, and without our military and political support, America in many cases might be reluctant to act.

“Just think of Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Aden, Libya, to mention only the more distant past. If he didn’t have our example, Russian President Vladitude Buttinsky might well have thought he couldn’t get away with slaughtering civilians in Ukraine.”

Stutterstop added that more recent NETO activities “have also made a real contribution to this war.” Early 1990s pledges by US and NETO leaders that the alliance would not expand by “even one inch” toward the east were “a stroke of real genius,” Stutterstop explained.

“By trampling all over those promises all over Eastern Europe, we guaranteed that Russian leaders could not and would not ever again believe anything we said. Without that record, President Buttinsky might have thought that, maybe, we were serious about there being no plan to admit Ukraine to NETO – just like US President Kennedy should have accepted Khrushchev’s assurances in 1962 that his nuclear missiles in Cuba were no threat to the US (Moscow is more than three times closer to Ukraine than Washington is to Cuba).”

Did this mean that the Russian invasion was justified, a journalist asked. “Justified for whom?” said Stutterstop. “From our standpoint, it was, absolutely: it has put Russia into a horrible bind and ensured ongoing hostility between Russia and Ukraine, our main goals in this whole operation. And, as ridiculous as it might sound, it is creating a wave of public support for NETO in Western Europe.”

So, had Buttinsky been caught in a NETO scam, the journalist asked. “I can’t comment on foreign leaders,” Stutterstop replied. “But some political observers in the US have criticized former President Ronald Dump for supposedly being taken in by Buttinsky. But maybe it was the other way around.”

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