Texas schools scrambling to meet legal requirement

AUSTIN, TX (Rooters agency) – School boards and teachers are scrambling to find texts that conform with a new state law requiring schools and teachers to present both sides of political issues.

Last week, education authorities informed the school board in Clambake, Texas, that if their schools have books or information on the Holocaust, the law requires that they also present information from an opposing view.

In regard to the Holocaust, most school districts seem to have settled on a quick solution, to judge from the decision to rush out a reprint by the publishers of the English translation of Mein Kampf.

But some other controversial issues are presenting. In regard to the American War of Independence, educational authorities have found an embarrassment of oppositional riches from English sources of the time. Which one to use has been narrowed down to a choice between two, and it is hard to know which of them would most closely meet the Texas legislature’s requirements. Is it Those Colonials Will Be Bloody Sorry or Good Riddance?

When it comes to Texan history, the problem is the reverse: a shortage of suitable books to oppose the usual celebration of the Republic of Texas. However, researchers eventually found a 19th century Mexican text that might meet the requirement. It is available only in Spanish, so Texas Governor George Babbitt is expected to ask the legislature for funds to commission an urgent translation. The title of the work, in English, means “Forget the Alamo!”

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