Surprises on casualties in Pentagon study

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – A still classified study for the Pentagon is reported to suggest some major strategical changes that might significantly reduce American military casualties in the Middle East.

The study, coming after the recent rocket attacks on American forces in Iraq, which provoked President Notrump’s order of retaliatory bombing raids on Syria,* has revealed some surprising information: of all the US service people killed or wounded in Iraq in the last five years, none have been killed or wounded in the United States.

Even more striking is the study’s finding that, during the same period throughout the broader Middle East, the statistics were identical: none of the American casualties occurred in the United States.

According to a source in the Pentagon, the study has not yet been thoroughly reviewed by top layers of the Department of Defense, so it is not known whether the findings will have any significant ramifications for US policy in the Middle East. It is also unknown whether similar studies are planned for other areas of the world.

* At Rooters, we are reporters. We tell you what happened. Don’t ask us to make sense out of it.

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