President reportedly planning post-January 20 move

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – “What? Me worry?” declared President Ronald Dump yesterday. “Why should I when I won the election and people love me all over the world?”

The President was responding to reporters’ questions as to whether he was concerned about facing possible legal problems once he leaves the White House.

Despite President Dump’s apparent confidence, there are indications, including from Administration insiders, that he is considering unusual, even unprecedented, steps to protect himself after January 20. Among them, according to some reports, is seeking political asylum abroad.

Such a move would protect the ex-President not merely against federal charges (which could be blocked more easily by a presidential pardon) but also against state charges reportedly being considered by authorities in New York and possibly other states. It is unclear what effect political asylum might have on the ability of banks, many of them overseas, to obtain payment of Dump’s large debts.

According to one insider, the President is quite confident of obtaining asylum, if he asks for it, in an unnamed “very friendly” and “compatible” country that “doesn’t have fake news media lying about me all the time.”

Which country the President has in mind may or may not be indicated by the puzzlement of another White House adviser, who wondered why he was asked to check “if there’s an extradition treaty between the United States and the Confederate States.”

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