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Government blocks trials of military

ROME, 40 AD (Rooters agency) – The Imperial Government has announced sanctions against judges, prosecutors, or any other judicial officials who presume to bring to trial, or even investigate, members of the Imperial Armed Forces (IAF) alleged to have violated … Continue reading

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Job application

The Governor, Raleigh, NC Dear Sir, I would like to apply for a job as a Teacher in your Excellent State. Because I have just learned that North Carolina is going to allow teachers to carry guns in schools. I am … Continue reading

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Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

Ironically, surveys reveal that loneliness is increasing, even as the number of people around us increases. How can this be? Some people say it’s because too many of all these new people are different from me. That may well be … Continue reading

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Former schoolteacher will not run for President

WEST BUNGYVILLE (Rooters agency) – Former schoolteacher Daisy Dandelion today ended months of speculation by announcing that she will not run for President in 2020, disappointing many of her followers. Since her retirement from teaching, the 68-year-old Dandelion has remained … Continue reading

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