President repels another invasion

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – President Ronald Dump today claimed “unprecedented success” in repelling “another invasion” of the United States.

The President had declared a “victory bigger than World War Two or Vietnam” after he sent troops to the country’s southern border to counter several thousand refugees who were walking through southern Mexico, and the refugees continued walking through southern Mexico.

Today the President said that this victory has made it possible to turn back a new “invasion by Middle Eastern gangsters trying to disrupt our democratic elections.”

President Dump said he was calling out the National Guard to conduct inspections at polling stations to ensure that all voters were “real Americans, not refugee terrorists who snuck in using the 14th Amendment.”

White House press secretary Sarah Wannabe Slanders denied that “illegal voters” found by the National Guard inspectors would immediately be jailed, or worse. “The most that could happen is that they would be deported – unless they resist violently, of course.”

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